44th annual Buckham Farms Club Lamb Sale
Saturday, April 21, 2018 at  1 p.m.
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Buckham Farms Cattle

Our cow herd dates back to the late 1940's when Fred Buckham went to college and into the army and the farm sold the dairy herd and bought Angus cows. We continued to raise registered Angus cows into the 1970's and began cross-breeding to produce larger-framed, heavier-muscled market animals.

Our current cow herd consists of about 30 cows. Most are Simmental-angus based with a heavy influence of Meyer 734. We've also used some Maine-cross sires. We began AI breeding three years ago.
This year's AI sires include: Sunseeker, Golden Child, Star Power and Hannibal. Our current herd sire is a Chi-Angus bull from VKR Ranch.
We have club calves available. Contact George at george@buckhamfarms.com or 269.375.7676 or Tom at tom@buckhamfarms.com or 269.271.1097 for more information.  We also have freezer beef available - contact George.

George and Kathy Buckham
6508 West R Avenue
Schoolcraft, MI 49087
Jeff Sr. and Julia Buckham
6730 West KL Avenue
Kalamazoo, MI 49009